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We are professional Double-twist candy packing machine factory and supplier in China.We can produce Double-twist candy packing machine according to your requirements. More types of Double-twist candy packing machine wanted, please contact us right now!
Double-twist Candy Packing Machine Without Servo
Double-twist Candy Packing Machine Without Servo (FND-S800)
FND-S800 Double-twist Candy Packaging Machine Capability & Characteristic:
· Machine with feeding plate.
· One or two layers of material packing.
· No product no pack function.
· Speed adjusting by frequency conversion.
· SICK Photocell color code track.(optional).

Main technical date
Product size Length:min.12-max34mm
Wrapping material Cellophane, PVC, Polypropilene,waxed paper, coupled material, ecc.
Drive motor 2.2Kw
Speed 600pcs/minute
Net weight of the machine 1180KGS
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